The Canadian Alternative Art Collective is an artist guild and network dedicated to bringing together passionate, creative professionals from all across Canada who are actively working within the lowbrow and alternative arts communities. In doing so, we wish not only to help further the careers of our members, but also to help promote the growth and evolution of contemporary art and culture. We aim to increase public awareness and appreciation for the vast amount of talent and innovation Canadian artists have to offer.

We represent myriad forms of visual and performance art, such as (but not limited to) Traditional Art, Digital Art, Applied Art, Media, Dance and Alternative Modelling, *Writers are also welcome to join!.

In an effort to enhance the art and culture sector in the local community, the Collective both designs and hosts its own gallery exhibitions and events as well as attends and supports the art galas and conventions of others. We represent our artists and their work both in person and through our online presences in order to bring their talent out into the open and to get them the recognition that they so richly deserve.